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Talisman Necklace

Sale price £3,685.00

Our Talisman necklace is inspired by the Tribal Algerian necklaces, this necklace is 18Kt Gold and Sterling Silver, inscribed with beautiful poetry of Saudi poet Ghazi El Kesbi, و تشاء انت من الاماني نجمة و يشاء ربك ان ينولك القمر’ و تشاء انت من الحياه غنيمة و يشاء ربك ان يسوق لك الدرر و تشاء انت من البشائر قطرة و يشاء ربك ان يغيثك بالمطر - ‘While you wish for a star, God grants you the moon. While you wish for a treasure, God grants you a pearl. While you wish for a drop of relief.

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Technical Description

18 Kt Gold and Sterling Silver Masterpiece adorned with signature Talisman charms, semi- precious stones and calligraphy


Gold|Sterling Silver


Talisman Necklace by Azza Fahmy - Designer Necklaces
Talisman Necklace Sale price £3,685.00