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Talismanic motifs unite from different civilizations to echo protection and guardianship. Rumuz is Azza Fahmy’s depiction of different traditional symbols.

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Eye of Horus Earrings by Azza Fahmy - Designer EarringsEye of Horus Earrings
Eye of Horus Earrings Sale price£1,230.00
The Eye Wraparound by Azza Fahmy - Designer BraceletsThe Eye Wraparound
The Eye Wraparound Sale price£1,230.00
Talisman Necklace by Azza Fahmy - Designer NecklacesTalisman Necklace
Talisman Necklace Sale price£3,685.00
Multi-Wear Eye Necklace by Azza Fahmy - Designer NecklacesMulti-Wear Eye Necklace
Multi-Wear Eye Necklace Sale price£930.00
Eye Single Hoop Earring by Azza Fahmy - Designer StudsEye Single Hoop Earring
Eye Single Hoop Earring Sale price£775.00
Eye Chain Necklace by Azza Fahmy - Designer NecklacesEye Chain Necklace
Eye Chain Necklace Sale price£3,335.00