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Wonders of Nature

Victorian Necklace

Sale price $5,855.00

Inspired by the pocket watch, this multi-wear necklace carries a detachable pendant. On one side, the pendant is inscribed with Arabic calligraphy ‘القلب يري من لا يري النظر’ - ‘The heart sees what the eyes do not'. The other side is adorned with Victorian era-inspired floral motifs that evoke the look of embroidered cloth. When the pendant is removed, the crescent above it becomes the centerpiece.

Stone Option:

Technical Description

18kt Gold and Sterling Silver detachable pendant necklace, adorned with floral motifs, calligraphy and a combination of 0.63ct Rubies and 0.21ct Diamonds.


Gold|Sterling Silver


Victorian Necklace by Azza Fahmy - Designer Necklaces
Victorian Necklace Sale price $5,855.00