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El Nur

Multi-Way Necklace

Sale price $2,890.00

Our signature T-Lock in 18Kt Gold and Sterling Silver Multi-Way Necklace inscribed with a daily multi-faith prayer that starts in the charm and ends in the centerpiece, ‘اللهم اجعل هذا النهار اوله صلاحا و اوسطه فلاحا و آخره نجاحا’ – ‘God may this day begin with goodness, continue with knowledge, and end with success'. Adorned with Multi-Color Tourmaline Cabochouon and Pearl, or Pearl and Garnet, or Pearl and Amethyst, or Multi-Color Tourmaline Faceted and Pearl

Stone Option:

Technical Description

18 Kt Gold and Sterling Silver multi-way necklace adorned with calligraphy and semi-precious stones.


Gold|Sterling Silver


Multi-Way Necklace by Azza Fahmy - Designer Necklaces
Multi-Way Necklace Sale price $2,890.00