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The World of azza fahmy

Passionately bringing uniquely handcrafted jewellery inspired by 7,000 years of history and modern culture references to the world.

about the brand

Azza Fahmy Jewellery, an international luxury design house that brings different cultures and heritage to life through unique, contemporary designs.

Our collections reflect great passion for design. Our pieces are created with in-depth historical research paired with a personal artistic touch and skilled craftsmanship. The fusion of modern and traditional techniques has resulted in collections of wearable art, with many pieces being passed down from generation to generation to become family heirlooms. Today, the brand has an exclusive reputation with clients that include world leaders, royalty, celebrities and connoisseurs of jewellery worldwide.

Azza Fahmy, the Middle East’s leading jewellery designer is renowned for breaking down the barriers of tradition. In 1969 Azza became the first woman in Egypt to be welcomed to train as an apprentice with the masters in Khan El Khalili, Cairo’s Jewellery Quarter.

Her art was further perfected when she was awarded a fellowship by the British Council to study jewellery design and manufacturing in London. Since then she has gone from strength to strength and is recognized as Egypt’s first international designer brand.

the foundation

the design studio