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Becoming a Jewellery Icon:

The Azza Fahmy story


"So I tied my hair back, put on my overalls and spent my days in a workshop full of men learning the tricks of jewellery making." – Azza Fahmy


The debut of Azza Fahmy’s collaboration, designing the jewellery worn by the renowned actress Souad Hosney


The collection was titled 'Houses of the Nile' inspired by Nubia and the traditional architecture of Egypt. "The beauty of this collection is that most people never thought of wearing mud houses  ... Azza Fahmy did."


Azza Fahmy Signature coming to life, by combining Gold and Silver together bringing out a beautiful contrast that only she could imagine. In the 90s, Azza Fahmy extended her collaborations with film makers and worked with the renowned director Youssef Shahine on designing jewellery for both ‘El Masseer & El Mohager’ movies.


In the 2000s, Azza Fahmy created designs that highlight some of her favorite poets, Khalil Gibran, Ibn Hazm and Salah Jahin “Jewellery as an expression of love, is a notion that has coloured all my work, and yet, in our Islamic culture, love is either veiled or metaphysical  ... or so I believed until I read the Ring of the Dove,” Azza Fahmy


In 2001, Azza Fahmy Jewellery released its first Limited Edition Collection.

“The Exclusive line is an infusion of all the glorious influences and inspirations that have touched my work over the past fifty years” Azza Fahmy.


In 2003, Azza Fahmy had to expand her small workshop to accommodate for the business expansion, moving to the location that today acts as the main design house.


“This collection was a very old dream of mine…” Azza Fahmy Azza Fahmy was always fascinated by the Bedouins and inhabitants of the desert and oases. The desert portrays mystery, authenticity and yet also simplicity - a source of endless inspiration to the designer with the multitude of elements used by Bedouin women to create their jewellery and the desert being a hub ...


In 2005, Amina Ghali officially joined the design team after finishing her education at Birmingham University, to launch her first collection in 2008.


Azza has a passion for Arabic poetry, and she surrounds herself with poets, many of whom she counts among her closest friends. Transfixed by their works, and inspired by her love of calligraphy, she wanted to transform this form of art into jewellery. She started a whole collection, her own anthology, which she describes as ‘intellectual jewellery.’ “I loved poetry so much that I wanted people to wear it” she says.


In the year 2007, Azza Fahmy published the book ‘Enchanted Jewellery of Egypt’, wrapping up her years of travel and research around Egypt, collecting the inspirations of different kinds of jewellery in the country. With every piece of jewellery from a different city, a part of the Egyptian and regional influence is being told. This year also marked the debut of Fashion Week collaborations, collaborating with Julien Macdonald for his Autumn/ Winter collection for the London Fashion Week.


In 2009, Azza Fahmy, started her retail expansion in the region and opened its first boutique in Jordan at the Four Seasons Hotel.


In 2010, Azza Fahmy joined forces with the UK’s hottest fashion duo - Preen -  Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi during New York Fashion Week.


In the year 2011, Azza Fahmy brought to life many elements of the Ottoman Empire ranging from floral embroidery to the Tughraa style calligraphy, creating the Limited Edition collection ‘Splendors of the Ottoman Garden’. 

Following her passion for education, Azza Fahmy, collaborated with the European Union; creating the Nubre project in Upper Egypt – Aswan, linking a network of designers, experts, and students from Egypt and Europe along with local craftsmanship.


Mesmerized by the level of perfection of Ancient Egyptians jewellery, Azza Fahmy launched the iconic Pharaonic collection in 2012, after over ten years of development – commemorating years of researching every symbol and every story.


The Design Studio by Azza Fahmy – DSAF established in 2013 in Cairo, in collaboration with Alchimia; to be the first and only professional jewellery making & design school in Egypt and the region providing education with international standards.  

This was also the year Azza Fahmy Jewellery’s retail went digital and started its online presence with the establishment of


A year that marked the brand’s 45th anniversary also saw a collaboration with renowned designer Mathew Williamson at London Fashion Week, and the launch of a collection paying homage to the legendary Arab world singer Umm Kulthum.


Azza Fahmy launched its Collector’s Theatre concept by opening the doors to its latest boutique - a visual territory combining culture and craftsmanship elements and offering a unique shopping experience to its clients. 

This same year Azza Fahmy Jewellery extended its collaboration with the British Museum, partaking in their Faith exhibition by creating a special capsule collection.


Amina Ghali unveiled the Wonders of Nature collection, a journey exploring the magical wilds of the jungle. The intricate details of this collection’s statement pieces shed light on nature’s perfections within the imperfections. 

Amina was also named among Britain’s ‘HOT 100’ most influential jewellery talents and industry flag bearer.


In light of its expansion, Azza Fahmy Jewellery revamped its website, creating a modern space that celebrates heritage and culture


In 2018, Azza Fahmy opened its retail doors in the heart of London at the Burlington Arcade in Mayfair. 


Azza Fahmy opens its first US pop-up boutique at the Waldorf Astoria, Beverly Hills. Featuring an exclusive hand-crafted collection especially curated for it, this new destination marks the beginning of one of our most exciting chapters yet!


Next stop, Harrods! Azza Fahmy opens its very first London pop-up at none other than the famous Knightsbridge department store; Harrods, showcasing one of its limited edition collections.


Azza Fahmy launches a collection dedicated to a period and era that has greatly influenced the early days of her career. A collection that depicts the Mamluk architectural elements and monuments that span across Old Cairo into wearable art.


Azza Fahmy opens the doors to its shop-in-shop at THAT concept store, an experiential destination in Dubai.